About Just Rural Spain.

Just Rural Spain started off back in 1990 in an area known as the Axarquia which is located north of Malaga. 

In 1990 there were very few estate agents and very few foreign people living here so the world was my oyster as they say. I started off with the idea of selling country property which was an idea given to me by a Spaniard who told me there is so much property for sale and nobody even knows it's here and for sale.

The idea grew on me after a week or so and I started asking locals if they knew of any houses for sale and to my surprise there were far more than i could imagine.  

Ongoing to see these properties and the fact that non of them had any deeds or paperwork whatsoever I soon found out things were not going to be as easy as I first imagined.


Here is where the learning curve started, and it was a steep one to put it lightly. I now found that the next 3 years I would be just picking away at the tip of the iceberg.

So, I had a lot of properties I knew could be sold but I had to learn the Spanish system to get each one legal whilst many of them had no paperwork, deeds, contracts etc.

Being married to a Spaniard was an advantage for me as I spoke fluent Spanish making my studies a little easier and was soon with a Notary in the village most days with paperwork sorting out how each individual problem could be resolved, I was lucky she was very helpful and herself also new as a country Notary we both found out some amazing things about rural laws and bylaws along with resolving together many cases we thought could never be resolved, but we did in the end!.

After 3 years of fully understanding the "System" along with laws in Andalucia as well as each town hall having its own set of regulations which seemed to change from one month to the next or at least it felt that way. In the end I had quite close working relationships with other notaries in different areas as well as local Mayors, registrars for registering title deeds in Malaga who also put in a lot of time giving me some very helpful tips and tricks on how to get property registered legally, local government bodies helping me with laws applying to rustic land, protected land and forestry land with rules and regulations that date back to the early 18th century and are still applicable to this day "although not many people know about them". 

After some years of selling property i knew how to get legal and obviously legally registered I started to get bored with flying to different parts of Europe doing property exhibitions and found most of my life was either sat on planes, putting up exhibitions stands and drinking some rather nasty liquid called coffee in exhibitions restaurants, so I employed a member of staff to do that job while I started a construction company....... Sounds mad I Know.

In 2000 I found that many customers kept asking me if I could build them a house if they purchased a plot of land through me or another agent, now this started the ball rolling again and I was soon hunting around all the laws and requirements to be able to legally build and get a certificate of first occupation once the build was completed. This set me off with long conversations with Town hall architects & mayors, the big problem here was that each town hall had it's own set of regulations as to what it would and would not allow...... "Does that sound familiar". 

In 2001 I was now selling not only village and rural properties but also plots of land which I had previously been given written confirmation by the local authorities that they would be given a building license for a property of a certain dimension and height.

With 12 builders "3 gangs of 4" building houses, restoration of farmhouses and swimming pools. I was lucky at the time to have found a builder I am still friends with today who was acting as foreman and knew how to build not only to the European standards of building but was also an amazing builder, so much so that people who wanted to have a property built only had to look at any one of the 3 properties we were building at any one time would buy instantly as his workmanship was second to none and he could read architects drawings with ease. The properties I built for customers had to have a double foundation and many checks by outside companies making sure the builds conformed with the European 10 year building warranty which I had to supply to the customer at the end of each build.

In 2012, I was "Burnt out" and Spain along with other countries in Europe heading into a financial crisis which is when I could see problems on the horizon. At the end of 2012 I closed everything down as there were no sales and no construction work. The builders had to go along with lorries, vans, equipment, storage and the key was turned in the office door for the last time.

Now you may say "bad luck" but I can quite honestly say I was happy to know I was going to have at last a long rest after years of studying law, flights, property exhibitions, constantly changing laws, paying builders, tax returns, insurance policies, vehicle maintenance, time frames etc etc.

I spent some years after that resolving for clients some very profoundly serious problems that they had found themselves in and were not my previous clients I am glad to say but clients of people who had moved here to Spain and decided overnight and with no prior knowledge or studies to become estate agents, there are many of them believe me. The years had taught me a lot, an awful lot about Spanish law and up to the writing of this section I have been selling "some" properties but mainly sorting out paperwork for people who have been to lawyers and have paid out thousands of euros to no avail, these people have learnt by word of mouth more than anything else that I take on cases, sometimes with one of various top end lawyers I am friends with is resolving these cases for them, ranging from people who have fraudulently been sold a property, property with orders on them to be demolished and down to properties they have purchased only to find when they move here there is another family living in the house. 

So, in 2021 this is where I am, covid 19 aside and stopping a lot of what I can do I can still study cases that I have been handed in order to resolve them or at least give the customer an honest answer as to if any particular case can be resolved or has no chance in hell. Some bad lawyers and I say some as there are good and bad in every trade have taken people's money knowing full well there is no chance of them resolving the case and a few of these I have had to take to court or report to the college of lawyers for negligence and bad practice.

I am still taking on some properties but nowhere near as any as before, however I know many agents who have properties in quite a few locations and can normally find through them what a particular client is looking for in the Malaga area.

I will be making Podcasts and Videos which can be found on this site going into greater detail all about the above as well as helping you buy property around the Inland areas of Malaga Spain which I hope will be of help to you. If you do find that these are interesting and of help, please subscribe to the Podcast channel or Youtube channel.

Thank you for your time in reading this rather long about section.  




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