Finding Your Dream Home

I can help find the property you are looking for with your help.


Having worked in the property sector for over 30 years I have contacts with many estate agents in the rural areas of Málaga with whom I have tight working relationships and can help you find the right property according to you needs.


Why I do not have many properties on this site?

Due to 90% of my time being taken up with property surveys, investigating and resolving issues people currently have, regularizing properties so they are legal homes and can be used as a home, resolving boundary issues, resolving mistakes made by some lawyers, inheritance deeds, resolving catastro problems, investigating property fraud, town planning issues and modifications to mention a few. Obviously my main sector of work is now concentrated on these issues as they are more of a challenge to me personally now that I am more on the property consulting side as appose to estate agency. However under the properties for sale tab at the top of this site I will put on properties as and when I am asked to and know the properties are in a situation where they can be sold legally or need very little paperwork to be resolved in order to do the same. 

In Spain many estate agents work on very large and shared data bases where properties are interchanged between many estate agents where everyone wants a cut of the pie when a sale is made. If you find a property that is for sale for 250.000 euros it is quite possible this property is shared on a large data base meaning that in reality the owner is ready to accept 230.000 euros and the rest is split up into commissions as each agent has helped in his or her way to sell the property.

I do not work with large companies or big data bases and therefore I am not obligated to share commissions among many agents meaning the buyer can buy a property for a lower price. Speaking fluent Spanish often helps for the vendor and buyer to come to an amiable financial agreement which I ascertain on the buyers behalf. 

I work direct with a few private agents but on a 1 to 1 basis and the commissions we make is split 50/50 and the price has not been inflated to cover any other agents...... Makes good sense, Correct!. 

Having lived and worked in the northern Malaga areas I have a agents who as me only work on a 1 to 1 basis which means if I have a client who is looking for a property with a certain criteria in a certain area the chances are I can narrow down the time spent looking for a property, driving up and down tracks to be shown something that is totally different to what they are looking for and chances are a lot more than the client wants to pay as I have previously done all the leg work on behalf of the client and given them a feed back as to if any one property is still for sale or is a sprat to catch a mackerel. If the price can be negotiated along with the conditions of sale and as to if the paperwork is anywhere near ready for the property to be sold before my clients start wasting time and money running after something that is completely illegal. "You can see some of my references on my Testimonial page".


What do I need from my clients in order to save them time and money when purchasing a rural property?.  

  1. The area they have been looking in or are currently looking in.
  2. The access to the property. "Example" Long tracks are not important. Long tracks are important.
  3. Minimum amount of land required. Remember, more land more work or paying someone to maintain it. 
  4. Number of bedrooms.
  5. Number of bathrooms.
  6. Beamed ceilings.
  7. Modern kitchen or rustic style kitchen.
  8. Patio areas with space for bbq.
  9. Swimming pool.
  10. Fenced property.
  11. Direction property faces.
  12. Are stairs a problem.
  13. Parking for how many cars.
  14. Garage.
  15. Air conditioning.
  16. Fire place or Central heating.
  17. Property that can "Legally" be extended.
  18. Property for restoration or repair.
  19. Full time living or Holidays.
  20. Financial budget including purchase taxes, Notary fees, Registry office for deeds. Conveyancing etc. 

Many clients who I have spoken with at length have either brought with them or sent to me as an email attachment the following.

  1. Glossy magazine cuttings of what they are looking for.
  2. Cuttings showing the kind of interiors they are looking for.
  3. Drawings of the kind of floor plan and size they would like.
  4. Internet links to give me a better idea.

With all of this information send it to and I will get back to you as soon as possible with an initial email. Remember, the more in-depth details you can give me the more I can help you to save money and find the right property with the least amount of wasted time and annoyances leaving you more time to enjoy your stay in the Malaga area.


Thank You

Kevin Sealey

Just Rural Spain Property Consultant Since 1990. 

Fluent English & Spanish Spoken.